Teens are responsible for teaching various things to the Pathfinders during the course of the year. Some of this is to fulfill their own Progressive Classwork requirements and some is for reaching the next level of leadership.

Teaching Classwork

Teens who have passed probation are assigned to the Friend, Companion, or Explorer groups to assist the teacher in presenting the material. Teens will get to choose several requirements that they will be responsible for planning and teaching during Progressive Classwork time. Also, all Teens will need to be able to teach and command Drilling and Marching as part of their own Progressive Classwork requirements.

Teaching Honors

Teens who are working on Leadership Level 3 and above get to teach (or help teach) an honor to Pathfinders. Usually this is the Friend “Seeds” honor or the “Kites” honor. Any Teen who teaches an honor to completion can earn a Teaching Diamond for that honor, provided they follow all the requirements for such.

Voyagers and up get to choose and teach various Camping Skills requirements to younger Pathfinders on the Club Campout. Pioneers and up have the option of either taking an advanced Safety honor, or helping teach one of the Safety honors to younger Pathfinders. In addition, a Teen can decide to teach an honor during any of the honor sessions if they choose, pending approval of the directors.

Teaching Diamond requirements:

  • Have already earned the honor you are teaching.
  • Teach the honor to a group of Pathfinders during one of the yearly honor sessions OR during a special honor day or event.
  • Before you start teaching, provide a schedule of what honor requirements you will teach when, and a plan for how it will be accomplished (Refer to the “How to Teach an Honor” page/handout for more information).
  • Review your plans with an experienced teacher at least 2 weeks prior to beginning teaching. Make changes as necessary.
  • Keep accurate records of what has been taught, who has finished which requirements, and who has completed the honor.
  • Provide a list of what requirements are still needed for those who did not complete the honor.