Conference Rules for Teens


  • Must have been a member of a club for at least 3 months
  • Must have completed one age-appropriate class (Explorer or above) and be working on the next class level
  • Must have a 75% attendance record
  • Must be helping with a local Pathfinder club
  • Continue to advance through the Progressive Classwork levels each year
  • Must successfully pass a probationary period before receiving Teen uniforms
  • “Invested Teens” are those who have fulfilled ALL the requirements to pass probation, and wear the uniform and insignia
  • “Acting Teens” are those who have not yet fulfilled the requirements. They may be treated as teen counselors but may not go on the River Trip and may not wear the uniform or insignia
  • A teen may be put back under probation as necessary, as decided upon by the senior staff of the club


  • Be a good example, in conduct and dress, for their fellow Pathfinders
  • Help with honors and Progressive Classwork
  • Attend staff meetings
  • Help in planning programs and outings
  • Meet all club appointments punctually, or advise the Teen Coordinator in advance of inability to do so


  • Limited to invested, qualified teen leaders and their senior staff
  • Only for Teens who have completed ALL the Teen qualifications and been invested as Teen leaders during the current year
  • All attendees must pass an official swim check before registering for the trip to be allowed “on the water”