Voyager (9th Grade)

Requirements that involve planning ahead:

Voyager Book Reading

Page 2: One book on each of the following topics:
(all books in Teen Library, check out from Lynn)

  • Christian Living
  • Contemporary Biography
  • Church Heritage
  • Leadership
  • Creation (can watch “Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution” video on Youtube instead; talk with Lynn FIRST if you want to do this)

Worship Talk for Pathfinders:

P. 11: Give a worship talk about the crucifixion of Christ and what it means for us, including our responsibility in the plan of salvation. (done as a group, must present outline 2 weeks in advance to Lynn)

P. 20: Collect at least one stories from each of the following categories: sacred history, church history, nature, character story, object lesson. Use two in worship talks.

Presentation to Teens:

P. 15: Read at least 2 articles on the benefits of different diets. Give a written (1 page) or oral (3 minute) report about vegetarianism versus meat eating, using the Bible and other references, and list the advantages of each as indicated by modern studies. (done individually)

Links: (Choose one pro-vegetarian and one pro-meat): Benefits & Disadvantages of a Meat Diet, 3 Benefits of Eating MeatHealth Benefits of Vegetarian DietsPlant-Based Diet for Heart HealthWhy Go Veg?

Serving Others:

P. 12: Discuss with your pastors their duties and how they serve the community.

P. 16: Assist in one communion service at your church.
(This can be assisting in any part of the service. Communion services are usually held on the second Sabbath of January, April, July, and October. If you are planning on going on River, you will need to be sure to arrange to help out during the July, October, or January services, since the April service is during the Club Campout.)

Nature Study:

P. 17: Discuss at least 3 things in nature that support intelligent design.
(Before you are able to discuss, you will need to read 3 articles or watch one of the videos in the Resources section below so you can be informed)

Leadership Skills:

P. 18: In addition to basic drilling, be able to direct an individual or group in basic marching commands. (Voyagers will practice this skill with both Pathfinders and other teens)

P. 24: With a unit guidon, demonstrate the following basic positions: order guidon, carry guidon, salute at order, salute at carry, present guidon, raise guidon. Demonstrate how and when to use the guidon’s basic position during all drill commands.


P. 18: On a camping trip, organize and direct one of the following Sabbath activities: Worships, Song Services, Bible Games. (Usually the Voyagers plan and lead out our club’s Sabbath School at the Conference Camporee)


P. 20: Critique at least 3 children’s stories given at your church. Include in your evaluation: engaging the audience, and moral or point.

Health/Fitness Log:

P. 21: Choose one lifetime exercise activity and record your progress for 1 month.


P. 10: Articles: State of the Dead, SDA Believe…
Videos: Truth about Death (read description for lots of verses about death, P.9), Truth about Hell

P. 15: Benefits of different diets (Choose one pro-vegetarian and one pro-meat): Benefits & Disadvantages of a Meat Diet, 3 Benefits of Eating MeatHealth Benefits of Vegetarian DietsPlant-Based Diet for Heart HealthWhy Go Veg?

P. 16: Disaster Ministries Honor Resources

P. 17: Intelligent Design articles to read: Evidence for Intelligent Design, Irreducible Complexity, Evidence for Intelligent Design from Biochemistry,  DNA, Eyes, Darwin vs EyesThe Amazing Bird Lungs, God’s Amazing Glue, The Knee Joint, Bacterial Flagella, Poison Dart Frogs (includes video), Talking Ants (includes video),
OR videos to watch: Watch one of the “Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution” videos on Youtube.

P. 20:  Christian Storytelling honor: Christian Storytelling Honor Answers

P. 20: Family Life honor, Requirement 1: Read Adventist Home, Ch. 17 “Mutual Obligations”

P. 24: Guidons: AY Honors Answer book, Wikibooks, Army Study Guide (pictures)