Pioneer (10th Grade)

Requirements that involve planning ahead:

Pioneer Book Reading

Page 2: One book on each of the following topics:
(all books in Teen Library, check out from Lynn)

  • Christian Living
  • Contemporary Biography
  • Church Heritage
  • Leadership
  • Adventist Pioneers

Worship Talk for Pathfinders:

P. 11: Give a worship talk about how our faith can be live that of the Biblical and/or historical pioneers for Christ OR act out/tell stories about the lives of at least 2 Adventist pioneers. (done in groups, must present outline 2 weeks in advance to Lynn)

Presentation to Teens:

P. 15: Read at least 3 articles on contagious diseases and how they spread. Give a written (1 page) or oral (3 minute) report about diseases and the importance of health laws, as indicated by modern studies. Include examples of health laws in the Bible. (done individually)

Present the above to the Explorers during Progressive Classwork time (Explorer P. 10)

Serving Others:

P. 12: Assist as staff at a community outreach program, such as VBS. Attend all staff meetings. (Usually Pioneers help out with VBS during the summer, but it can any community outreach program sponsored by the church)

Teaching Honors:

P. 16: Complete the Home Nursing honor OR help lead a group (Friends) through the Red Alert honor. (If not teaching it entirely on your own, you will need to decide who will be teaching which requirements. A teaching plan/outline must be presented 2 weeks in advance to Lynn)

Leadership Skills:

P. 18: In addition to basic drilling and marching, be able to direct an individual or group in advanced drilling and marching commands. (Pioneers will practice this skill with both Pathfinders and other teens)


P. 18: On a camping trip, organize and direct one of the following: Transportation (including luggage), Camp set-up/tear down, Meals/food prep/KP duties, Camp Safety/security/first aid. (Duties will be performed for both the Camporee and the Campout. Depending on the number of Teens in the club, assignments may switch in the middle of the year.)

Health/Fitness Log:

P. 21: Choose one lifetime exercise activity and record your progress for 2 months.


P. 10, 11: SDA Pioneer stories: Adventist Heritage Ministry, Biographical Sketches of SDA PioneersPathways of the Pioneers (audio stories)

P. 13: Temperance honor, Know and Explain: Cigarette Packet Warning, Tobacco SmokeChemicals in Cigarette SmokeChemicals in Every Puff of Cigarette SmokeEmphysema, Cirrhosis, AddictionDrug FactsDrug Facts: TobaccoSmoking during Pregnancy, Alcohol and pregnancy

P. 13: Temperance honor, Ellen White

P. 15: Articles on contagious diseases: How Infectious Diseases Spread, How Diseases are TransmittedHow communicable or infectious diseases spread, Contagious Diseases, Health Laws in the Bible, Bible Health Laws