Guide (12th Grade)

Requirements that involve planning ahead:

Guide Reading

Page 2: One book on each of the following topics:
(all books in Teen Library, check out from Lynn)

  • Christian Living
  • Contemporary Biography
  • Church Heritage
  • Leadership
  • Second Coming

Worship Talk for Pathfinders:

P. 11: Give a worship talk about keeping the 4th Commandment. Include examples of ways to keep the Sabbath. (done as a group, must present outline 2 weeks in advance to Lynn)

P. 20: Tell a story from each category: sacred history, church history, nature, character story, object lesson. Make a written outline for each story you are to tell.

Presentation to Pathfinders/Elementary school students:

P. 15: Make a creative presentation regarding the dangers of drugs, alcohol or tobacco use and their effects on our bodies. (May be done individually or as a group. Must present outline 2 weeks in advance to Lynn)

P. 17: Present an original nature object lesson to a group of Pathfinders or Adventurers. (May be done individually or as a group. Must present outline 2 weeks in advance to Lynn)

Teaching Honors:

P. 16: Complete the Advanced First Aid honor OR help lead a group (Explorers) through the Basic Rescue honor. (If not teaching it entirely on your own, you will need to decide who will be teaching which requirements. A teaching plan/outline must be presented 2 weeks in advance to Lynn)

Serving Others:

P. 12: Be on a leadership team (other than Pathfinders) at your church or school, such as VBS, Sabbath School, or class officer.

Leadership Skills/Planning:

P. 18: Plan and lead out in a complete weekend camping day trip, including the following: location/reservations, transportation, promotions/parental communication, camp set-up and tear down/meals, safety/first aid, worships/activities/games, budget/cost/collections. (May be done individually or as a group. Usually the Guides plan and lead out in the Teen Perris trip during the summer.)

Health/Fitness Log:

P. 21: Choose one lifetime exercise activity and record your progress for 4 months.


P. 10: SDA’s Believe…, The Second Coming of Christ

P. 14: Bible Verses about obeying the lawsObedience To Human AuthoritiesThe Christian and Civil Government

P. 15: Dangers/effects of drugs, alcohol, tobacco:  Drug FactsDrug Facts: Tobacco

P. 16: NEWSTART, 8 Laws of Health

P. 17: Desire of Ages Ch 7: video, text