What is it?

For more information about the Pathfinder Progressive Classwork, check out the Progressive Classwork on the main Calimesa Pathfinder website. The Progressive Classwork curriculum our club uses combines the best and most applicable parts of the old Progressive Classwork Diaries and the new Investiture Achievement Journals. A few things have been added that are specific to our club. Inspiration has additionally been taken from the Florida Conference classwork curriculum that include 2 additional levels for high school students.

Check out the Teen Progressive Classwork web pages for a list of requirements that involve planning ahead, as well as links to articles, videos, and other resources for each level’s requirements.

Calimesa Progressive Classwork Teen levels:
Ranger, Voyager, Pioneer, Navigator, and Guide.

Advanced Teen levels:
Wilderness Ranger, Frontier Voyager, Frontier Pioneer, Frontier Navigator, and Frontier Guide.

What are the Teen responsibilities?

Get a 3 ring binder to keep all your classwork, handouts, and other papers in. (zippered binders are recommended because they help hold everything inside)

Always have at least 1 pen and 1 pencil, and your knot rope, in your binder at all times

Write your memory verses on 3×5 cards (include reference and category) and keep them in your binder.

Bring your binder to ALL Tuesday nights, Jam Sessions, the Camporee, and the Campout

All Reading books are available for checkout from the Teen Library cupboard. Ask Lynn to open the cupboard either before Pathfinder starts, before staff meeting, or after church any Sabbath.